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Courage in being wrong.

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"…And someone will invariably show that I am actually wrong. I remember one of the last times I was wrong about something was Johnny Depp's film Pirates of the Caribbean and its success. I had the misfortune of stating that his film career in The Pirates of the Caribbean was on the decline. And I said that I forget her name. What is the name of his wife? Somebody will say it anyway. Or his ex wife, I'm sorry.…"

Can we be focused on the wrong things when we feel we are right?


Deborah Pardes

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"…I just stumbled upon this and I'm so happy I did and I just reselled it because I think it's an incredibly relevant and powerful question that I want to always return to because humility is a really interesting trait. It combines courage with curiosity. The courage to not know and not be out there with your ego and the hunger to know more so you can have more things to process.…"



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"…But, yes, we are in a culture that prides itself on knowing the exact information and never being wrong about anything, even if that means they are wrong within the way in which how they express pleasantries in matters of one being wrong. And, yeah, thanks for reswelling it. And it was something I was thinking about, something I always think about honestly.…"

@DBPardes thank you


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"…We have been put into a mindset that courage is about going on and on and fighting your way, no matter what, how low you're feeling or whatever negative mindset you are in. I feel this is on a purpose. Courage has been misdefined. One of the most important reasons that courage has to be addressed to and has to be explained in its original form is because that is what will relieve a lot of people from their current states of haze and confusion that they are in.…"

Wow, hot topic for the rat race concept loved it @fryedoreo


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"…Okay. So, yes, ma'am, I am very much happy with your points. And, Kudos, you said everything right, and the points were very relatable. Thank you so much for this amazing swell.…"


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Amoljeet Singh

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"…Bye bye.…"

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Courage in being wrong.

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