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Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened! 🤣

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"…In regards of Beyonce, queen of hip Hop in R Amp B, she has recently taken out a lyric that was considered offensive to some or offensive enough to where she just felt, out of respect and solidarity to the many leagues of fans that she has, she took the lyric out. And almost in rapid succession after this, there have been other grievances people have been filing towards Beyonce, and one of those in particular is Monica Lewinsky. Now, you may be looking at just thinking, who?…"

Where do we draw the line in art? #lewinsky #beyonce


Demarkis DW

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"…I clearly understand that politicians, you could say politicians are performers and entertainers, right? So I get it. If it was somebody who was a real artist, now that's something totally different. But since Beyonce, she's an entertainer and performer, I understand. But somebody there are some artists and entertainers out there and it's it gets a little like, wait a minute, what is going on here? What happens? But since Beyonce, she is just an entertainer and performer.…"

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"…And in the world of r, amp, b and singing, it is very commonplace to have songs written for you and you then have a trusted member or team of members that can help you write songs, to speak to an authenticity with you and to top the charts, hopefully. But it's a little bit different. Now technically she is an artist in many disciplines of artistry, with her also dabbling and acting.…"

@OmegaStrange thank you for your response. 🤝

Demarkis DW

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"…Yo, what is up, brother? What is up? So, you know, your Beyonce is technically an artist. And since she's an artist, I do feel like this will hinder her ability to to express herself. So she may have to bring it down, maybe bring it down to a different level. But I do want to ask you this. What if this was JayZ? Can you see him removing the lyric?…"


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Welcome to Swell!

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"…In some ways they're meant for each other because they're sort of opposites of the same coin, but they also sort of have the same mindset when it comes to running the business. This.…"

@OmegaStrange 🤔


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