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ThougtGrenades| Video Podcasting Is An Oxymoron.

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"…He seemed so free on the microphone. That's because you have to dial into your imagination more when all you have is audio as a guide. We have become so conditioned to everything being photographed and captured via video cameras that we don't know how to feel anymore. Even in the movies. We want everything CGI to the point where nothing is real. We got these poor actors belting their hearts out to tennis balls, people in mocap suits.…"

Do you need to see everything to understand?


J.L. Beasley

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"…But for the people that want to see the video component, perhaps that's why they use the form or that's why they do the video casting or simply because they just want to. But that's not exactly what your post was asking about that are speaking on that. I just am sharing my little two cent. Yeah. So for me, I guess that sums it up. I just need the audio portion and concise information.…"


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"…And I think one thing that is powerful about podcast, and this is something that at least audio form that's different from video, is that when you can see it, everybody's commenting on the things that have nothing to do with what you're talking about. How many times do you see that happen with videos? Oh man, look at his teeth. Oh man, look at his hair. D***, he needs to shape up. Man, look at that roach in the background.…"

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Lance Watson

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"…And so, yeah, I'm sort of glad that video is weaning right now and YouTube is going to be what YouTube's going to be, twitch is going to be what it's going to be, and they serve their purpose. But with the exception of the DIY videos, I really don't visit those sites that much because I don't particularly care for it. I love the rule of engagement and audio podcasting. I love the power of voice engagement.…"

@FryedOreo: Fire in the hole…


Dewuan .

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"…And I find video podcasts, the ones I have watched, I like video essays better on YouTube because it's a bit more constructed when you're watching a video podcast, even the best ones, a lot of the times they're referencing things that because they're recording the podcast as well, right? So they're referencing things that you have to be able to see. So if a person's listening and audio, they're missing out, you know what I mean?…"

@lwatsonjr seeing isn’t always believing.

Demarkis Klan Destine

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"…Oh, I'm gonna send this to Joe Rogan. Goffrey, man. They gonna get up in your a**. But no s***, man. So I guess YouTube for you, man. Hey, you know what's funny, man? When it comes to podcasting, it is more for the ears than for the visual effect. I will agree to that. When I listen to podcasts, I rarely watch the video.…"

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"…And I used to watch it every day. But at that time it was raw radio. Howard Stern was a radio dude, right? He came from the radio world. So that voice working on it, having his other guests sorry, his other people in the show, robin, Boba Buoy, all those types, they all played a certain part in terms of the audio.…"

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Brandy J Singleton

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"…Like if you're showing, if you're doing some type of presentation like where you're actually showing the listener or the watch or something. But if you're just sitting there talking or engaging with another person there's really no need to really be on video just talking. Right. There's nothing extra because I think the video comes into play if you have some type of presentation to show with your show and that's the sense I made of it. Right. And that's the way for me.…"

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