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Happy Tuesday

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"…I also wanted to let you know that I'm walking to my bus stop currently and it is 65 deg outside. Not too bad, not too shabby, but it's going to be a high of 88 degrees today, which is kind of hot from Minnesota at this time of the year, but is not an anomaly. Tomorrow, though, is going to be a high of what it is right now.…"

Is there such a thing as "too soon?"


J.L. Beasley

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"…So I can say at any time, like, if I have a close friend, important person, die in their life, that I could just make this joke about it because I'm uncomfortable with their tears or their silence or whatever emotion that they're showing at that time. I'm going to say this off hand joke, and everyone is going to laugh and we're going to move forward.…"

Dewuan .

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"…So I thing to some extent, some people do not mean well with their humor, but I still think in some way, invariably it is an acknowledgement of loss or pain or sadness to some variant degree. But, yeah, it is good to let your young know of the circumstances surrounding the loss of a life. And yes, it's a long life she lived, but it's a different sort of remembrance because it's not like she got shot or stabbed or met her time too soon.…"


Happy Tuesday

@FryedOreo · 2w ago · 4:10


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