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Do you seek different Points Of View on Swell?

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"…It was about the matter of which I asked people how do they go about getting engagement on Swell? And he just thought the question was preposterous. It seemed to be stupid for him. But for me, I thought there was some meaning behind it. And I think that conversation him and I had about it summed up completely. Our personality types like to a t, but we still somehow kind of coexisted if you swell.…"

Thanks to @Enfinit for the inspiration to this post.


Jack .

@zejacques · 2mo ago · 3:33

"…So my background is environmental activism and my mentor taught me a really important lesson that if you look at environmental activism over the decades, there hasn't been a lot of success. There's been some battles one, but not really any wars one, if that makes sense. And a big part of that is due to activists not working with the polluters or the problem creators, for lack of a better word.…"


Dewuan .

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"…It kind of adds that kind of flavor. That just makes it a little more awkward being that you are one who invariably has been a successor of the institutionalized system of systematic of race. But anyway, I get what you're saying and that's dope that you're environmentalist advocate and all that good stuff and hopefully you keeping up the good word and saying your say. But I would say for me the point of views that can kind of be daunting to be around is like the pro spiritual Christian stuff.…"

@zejacques haha 🤝

Jack .

@zejacques · 2mo ago · 3:18

"…But I really love that you speak your mind and I'm kind of like a spiritual person, but also like having a laugh at that kind of stuff. I know my astrology science, but I also know it's a faux science and I have a laugh at it. So maybe I can be that kind of spiritual person you can get along with, because your post wasn't incentive at all. You can poke fun at me. I don't really care. I'm not very easily offended.…"

Why you comin’ for my star signs 🤣

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Welcome to Swell!

Dewuan .

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"…Now, Jack, by no means am I trying to say that I vehemently oppose said spiritualist positive mindset people. It's just it's like an alien language for me. So I find that I am woefully inadequate to respond to posts that kind of have those buzzwords in it. It can be kind of daunting for me because I feel like I'm going to say the wrong thing. And I know that's usually the last place you're supposed to say the wrong thing.…"

@zejacques 🤣

Jack .

@zejacques · 2mo ago · 2:58

"…Actually, a great swell could even just be one person expressing their thoughts or feelings or emotions or logic in that moment. And that's a beautiful thing too. So I'm also grateful we had this conversation and I'm sure it will not be the last.…"

Demarkis Klan Destine

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"…I remember you breaking it down, and you was explaining to me and Chris why they're speaking Japanese. Because it's where it's from. It's the original. So, yeah, man, I think for me, like, I need to be around people. Yes, we can share similar viewpoints. We can have similar viewpoints, but we need to be two different people. For me, we need to also have two different viewpoints.…"

Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 1mo ago · 2:12

"…What's up, Demarkis? Who. Thank you for not only taking the time to listen to the audio post, but to also offer an audio response. And yeah, I guess we're we're a little bit biased here, right? But you bring up great points and that's what's kind of cool about Swell is that you have the luxury of picking different minds and hearing different points of view and maybe at times you may find a topic interesting from a person you never thought you would.…"

@OmegaStrange appreciate it.

Professor Z

@Professor42 · 1mo ago · 0:21

"…Dewan responding to this is very, very quickly to just say that you have a lot of posts that I'm interested in right now. I don't have the time to respond, but be prepared, because there's probably at least three to four posts that I see them going to respond to me. Even though I'm late. I hope everything is good. Professor 42 outright.…"

Professor Z

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"…But I'm willing to bet that even if you weren't a religious person, or maybe if you were not yourself in particular, but anybody in particular, and if you took the time to just on religion alone, gather viewpoints from people from different backgrounds and different perspectives, you never know, maybe it changes an idea for you, maybe it changes your thought process. That's a great thing. Same thing applies for politics. Unfortunately, we have a two party system which is trash.…"

Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 1mo ago · 4:15

"…Professor Z, thank you for following up with this particular swell. Also, thank you for not only taking the time to listen to the original post replies, but to also offer an audio. I have been called many things in my life, but one thing I don't mind too much is judgmental. Let's take it for its surface level and what it implies. One who is judgmental. Actually, let's look at the definition, just so we are clear. I always love to be clear.…"

@Professor42 🤝

Taylor J

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"…If you believe that, then you are literally giving everything this man says a pass, and that's not okay with me. Right. And so that is a very hard line I have to draw for a lot of things these days, especially after the last four or five years politically. And you know what it's been like. I don't have to tell you that. But I don't want to play devil's advocate or be wishy washy about issues that are this important. Right.…"


Dewuan .

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"…Taylor. Extremely saucy post here, sir. I appreciate you for not only taking the time to listen, but to also offer your audio response. And you fascinate me, my friend, in regards of politics, that it's something that you feel is strong enough where you're not going to bend on. I thought that was interesting. I've never quite thought about anything like that in my life, that maybe hip hop.…"

@Taylor thank you 🙏🙏🙏🤣

Taylor J

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"…It's giving them a place to breed and spread their ideology without the fear of having their accounts deleted or demonetised. In the case of Alex Jones, steven Crowder, both of them. Demonetised On YouTube I think that a lot of platforms, what they do is they give the person signing up the benefit of the doubt. And if that user is incapable of being a mature adult, they're going to find the exit pretty quickly and normally. Dewuan I don't have such a heart stance on things.…"



Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 1mo ago · 3:32

"…His popularity was like in the early ninety S and fell off, and now he feels Kate McKinnon destroyed SNL. Now, granted, Rob Schneider is like an SNL legend. He wrote a lot on there, so I'll give him that. But it's interesting that if your career is falling off now, you used to turn to reality TV, now you turn to conservatism, you turn right away.…"

@Taylor 🙏🙏


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