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Happy Labor Day

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"…Do you want some barbecues? If I act, I will act. But I do want some barbecue. Okay, then I'll give you barbecue. You. Now do you want some barbecue? Yes, I do. Then I will provide for you. I and for all of the rest of you. I'm sorry, but you don't get no barbecue. But happy Labor Day to you nonetheless.…"

Peace and love.


Demarkis Klan Destine

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"…And whatever you have on the side dish for the side dish goo.…"

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Welcome to Swell!

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"…What's up, the Marcus, man, glad you had a good time for sides. Did some corn on the cob, had that on the grill, cooked in the house first and let it sit on the grill for a little bit. Same thing with the mashed potatoes. Boiled them in the house and then let them sit on the grill for a while, give it that smoky flavor. And I had some leftover spaghetti. We had that as well, so it ended up being quite a feast.…"


Happy Labor Day

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