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What If Swell "Ran Out Of Likes?"

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"…This is a familiar image on any dating app service that allows you to like someone's profile for they have a limit on how much profiles you can like for if you have unlimited likes, you have the chance of matching with anyone that likes you, which is no dollar incentive for the companies involved. But I wonder what would Swell look like if you had to pay for likes here? If you're only allowed a certain amount of likes a day, how would that play out for you?…"

Would you pay to have more?


Deborah Pardes

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"…He just reminded me of a conversation I had about film. I used to be a location scout, and I'd have 24 frames in my camera. It was limited, and I couldn't just snap, snap, snap, snaps up. So I had to, like, know the angles of the room I needed and know what the director wanted before I snapped. And then I'd wait at the 1 hour photo and I'd have to paste it up.…"



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"…Deborah, thank you for responding to this Swell. And I thought you brought up a great subject that related to the topic at hand. When I'm on the dating apps, very selective at first, but see, when you get a like, that means you can match. But if you want to see who liked your profile, you have to pay. So to bypass pain, you just like a bunch of profiles until you match with that person. It's really no loss to you.…"

@DBPardes thank you.


"…It's an interesting topic. Likes are on nearly every platform these days and yet I think they serve different purposes depending on what the platform is all about. Like on a dating app, I can imagine why they would say there's a limited number of likes, but on other platforms I don't see it. But on the other hand, I don't come on Swell for the likes. I come on because I want to have a conversation about something.…"


Dewuan .

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"…But yeah, it is fascinating that we are able to see the likes and we kind of can, in some ways, get into that instagram effect where you're comparing yourself to other people. You'll notice that a friend of yours got 50,000 likes and you only get twelve. You're going to kind of like, D***, and you all post similar stuff. You're going to be like, D***, what do they have that I don't?…"

@SeekingPlumb 🤣

"…Thank you for offering entertaining muses I mean business. There we go. Anyway, you bring me back to a topic I've been pondering lately. I know that comparison is like the gateway drug, so to speak, to depression or all these other things that can be really negative for us.…"



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