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What’s Your Texting-Personality?

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"…So there was a conversation earlier on her Suzu's post about text messaging pet peeves and she proceeded to describe some of her pet peeves with text messaging. And as I was listening to responses on this post, which I responded to as well, I thought it was interesting that there were some patterns emerging and texting personalities. Yeah, that person that always texts in short bursts and never types in a paragraph, we call them lazy, right? No, that's far from it.…"


J.L. Beasley

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"…I like to sit back and observe people, which I think has served me well in my career and in my businesses. I am introverted, sensing, thinking and judging in that way. Now, with that being said, thinking about that in my texting preferences, I can see a connection in relation to that. I remember when you brought up the point about periods when someone texts me and they say have a good day or I will see you.…"

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"…I have a friend, she's a perceiving type and she texts like that all the time and she's very cryptic and she'll say, so text, I was thinking text, I'm probably going to have tacos for dinner tonight. I'm like, what are you what? But it gets your attention, right? You are aptly aware of this sort of style of messaging. Whereas for me, you typically will see three dotsies, right? Ellipses. That's what they're called. Ellipses.…"

@Her_Sisu 🤣🤣

J.L. Beasley

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"…Dude, dude, look, how you gonna tell me what I said? I didn't even put an s in my buyers brig. It's I as in ice, as in Sam, t as in fought, j as in judge. And I even spelled it out. When I went into my comment back, I was like, I-S-T-J which is introvert, sensing, thinking, judging. And then I went and kind of in my way related it to my texting preference or my personality.…"


Dewuan .

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"…Yeah, that's kind of interesting. So I can see you have a value of a certain particular order and structure of things. Much as I well, at least in regards to some things. My stuff is kind of boring and plain. My house, it don't look too much like anything, but there is some order to it, at least to some of my other friends I know. Again, apologies on my mess up your personality type. Please forgive me.…"

@Her_Sisu oh no!! Lol 🙏🙏🙏


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