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Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (TV Mini Series 2022‑22)

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"…And once I got older and I got into true crime and all that sort of stuff, dahmer was interesting fellow, to say the least, especially in terms of his targets of minorities, particularly black men, and also lay ocean men in the Milwaukee area during the mid nineties. I want to say early to mid ninety s. I believe he got caught in the mid 90s, so maybe the early ninety s and maybe possibly the late eighties. But it's so interesting watching this series.…"

As a kid I was too young to remember the atrocities Dahmer commited. But now I get to relive it all via this series.


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"…So I think a lot of people won't enjoy it because it's quite graphic. But what really stood out for me was how the black community were negated by the police. I think all of his victims were of color. Like if they weren't black people, they were Asian or Mexican or something, right? And the people that lived in his apartment complex, mostly a black community, they were telling the police that there was weird things going on. There was fishy things going on.…"

@FryedOreo Race & Gender

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"…I live in an apartment now, and if that would have happened here, that would be crazy. Especially if they had acted as the whole apartment being a crime scene. So you had to leave your home for them to conduct the crime scene because they have to use harsh chemicals and all that. That would have been crazy. Wow. How many lives did he impact, right? And when he got caught, he just confessed to everything. He just was candid about every experience.…"


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"…I watched another one on a similar sort of character, real story, of course. English serial killer who was homosexual as well, and he chopped up his victims and hid them in his department. And that's on Netflix. Let me find the name for you. 1 second. Dennis Nelson. And there's a Netflix series about him. And again, the little old lady that lived in the apartments with him, everybody ignored her complaints because they thought she was a potty. Little old lady.…"

@FryedOreo Dennis Nilson

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"…Oh, no, I totally understand. I also am deep into the killers and I actually knew about Dennis Thielsen as well. I used to watch it. Not watch, but follow this thing called at the time. It's no longer existed now, but they had this encyclopedia of stories of pretty much almost all known killers. Anyway, Dennis Nielsen, it's almost like Jeffrey Dahmers, the same sort of thing.…"


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"…So for me, one of the fascinating things about serial killers is how they're formed, because you've probably heard me speak about this. I grew up on site, living in psychiatric hospitals and orphanages because that was my parents work. So I was surrounded by a lot of damaged people with mental health issues and abusive traumatic childhoods. And so I learned a lot when I was young about psychology. I used to talk to the social workers and the psychologists, and I used to talk to my parents.…"

@FryedOreo The psychopath origin

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"…Oh, shoot. I just realized I said autism and ADHD and psychopath in the same sentence. It's not what I meant as disclaimer here. I'm not putting them in the same group. Sorry, everyone. I'm ADHD. So I was checking myself in that wheelhouse. Apologize. Hi, Jeez. Hi.…"

@FryedOreo Disclaimer 🤣

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"…I think I was maybe middle schoolish, but old enough to realize that some people, not all people, but people have some serious issues and to just really be careful and cautious about who you're around and information that you share with them. Because by the time I transitioned into high school, at that point, there was AOL chat rooms. And I won't lie, I was up in there.…"

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"…And I remember there was a big problem because there wasn't really mobile devices weren't acclimated for HTML websites. So it was hard. And then you have to deal with the Flash. You have to deal with the Adobe Flash. And it didn't work on a lot of devices. And I remember even when the first iPhone came out, it was a big joke and knock to the iPhone that it couldn't run Adobe Flash.…"

@GeorgieDee and @Her_Sisu


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"…I've found similar things that people have stopped watching after two or three episodes and just deeming it too disturbing and not something that they want to watch any longer. So I'm curious if anybody else stopped watching it and did not go back in and it wasn't because it was bad. I thought it was just very well done, but it's just too disturbing.…"

@FryedOreo Did anyone else stop watching this?

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Welcome to Swell!

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"…So far, the episodes I watched aren't as interesting to me, but yeah, Phil, I think I will finish it out just to do it. But I'd rather watched Shehawk. I don't know if that's what that means, but I would rather watch Shehawk than Dahmer, honestly. But thank you for taking the time to respond to this. It's.…"


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"…Yeah, it was traumatizing, so it was a bit of a pillow over the face. And fast forwarding for me.…"

@Phil Pillow over the face


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