Dewuan .

@FryedOreo·1mo ago·4:27

Have you ever experienced Social Media Fame?

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"…But that's what happens when you become popular, when you're one of the popular people on an app, you're inundated with follows constantly, constantly, constantly, because that's how the algorithms kind of work. Popularity is rewarded, so it has its vices and it has its perks. But I want to know, what are your thoughts on social media fame, and have you ever experienced it yourself? Maybe not here on Swell, maybe on Facebook or Instagram.…"

Is it good for your health? @lwatsonjr


Taylor J

@Taylor · 1mo ago · 2:44

"…And then I've only gone like minorly viral in the sense that it was only within a community that I'm a part of. So I'm a really big Arsenal fan and because I run one of the supporters groups, that opened a few different opportunities for me and I've made friends. And so some of my friends are like very popular Arsenal YouTubers and through association, quite literally, like being in some of their videos, being with them in public and having people see me.…"


J.L. Beasley

@Her_Sisu · 1mo ago · 4:58

"…This is a great question. I I'm on Tik tok Instagram and Facebook. TikTok. I was trying to do something with TikTok. It just it was a lot of work. But I primarily focus on Instagram and Facebook. I do have a Twitter account. I get nowhere with Twitter, so I just usually follow news outlets on Twitter. Twitter, that's how I get my news. It would be nice to be recognized. And now I'm on swell. I forgot to list as well.…"

Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 1mo ago · 4:54

"…Hey, Taylor, thank you for taking the time to listen to this topic and to also offer an audio response. And I had to Google Arsenal, and the first thing that came up was the soccer team. So I'm guessing that's what you're talking about. Or the football team, I should say. That's very cool. And, you know, hey, social media fame is social media fame.…"

@Taylor 📸


Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 1mo ago · 4:52

"…I haven't checked in a little while 624 followers I have on Instagram. And what's interesting is that I used to always rest at like 500 followers. But when I uploaded the video, I probably in like maybe six months time, I have over 100 followers. I got a lot of followers from that video. It was crazy. That was like my first real viral moment because that video again, the girl in there is this white girl.…"

@Her_Sisu 📸

Demarkis Klan Destine

@OmegaStrange · 1mo ago · 3:04

"…I feel a little bit famous in some ways. I kind of feel like, hey, I'm kind of helping out this YouTuber's channel a little bit. I feel like I'm getting something, I sparked something new within the comments. Oh yeah, I want to ask you this, so that swell you did about science and religion. Do you feel like you need to respond to every post? Mean I'm sorry, to every reply? What are your limits?…"

Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 1mo ago · 3:38

"…We probably all have had that moment on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or YouTube where we made a comment that caught fire. I've had plenty of those. I remember I had one about Beyonce. This was many years back and I was happy, man. I had like 800 likes. It was like, whoa. So, yeah, that felt good at the time. How do you feel about the comments that you get on YouTube? I guess I could throw the question back towards you.…"

@OmegaStrange 🤣

Demarkis Klan Destine

@OmegaStrange · 1mo ago · 3:32

"…So how do I feel about all those nice replies? You know, after after a while I do get burned out. I remember with Anchor, like you said, a lot of it be the same questions and I get it, a lot of them don't read, don't listen to other people's audio but it is a bit scary how a lot of people think alike, too much alike.…"


Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 1mo ago · 1:31

"…And I find, too, it's because they're trying to network. You see a pattern. They're doing it also to other profiles, like they're going down the line of all the active posts of the day. And I guess I don't know what does it really help you to network on Swell? No, I guess so. It's not like they're going to get paid money if they get a certain amount of followers or anything.…"


Tim Ereneta

@Tim · 4w ago · 2:29

"…So I'm not getting my hopes up of me experiencing social media fame anytime soon, and I'm fine with that.…"

Nope. Not me.

Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 4w ago · 3:42

"…My mom doesn't know a lot of these people, but they still have millions of fans regardless. And the internet has gotten so big now that folks can go viral without ever being on the TV, on any covered on the news or whatever. It's not necessary anymore to have broadcast channels increase your popularity. Now the broadcast channels, I guess, are social media hubs, the Twitter's, the Instagrams, Facebook, that sort of thing, YouTube and all that.…"


Jeff Cross

@jeffcross222292 · 4w ago · 4:34

"…Hey, you just come across this Swell here. I thought it was an interesting question. You know, what is it? You know, have you ever experienced social media fame? I believe the exact question. S*** swell. Me personally, I have all the social media apps from Instagram to YouTube and TikTok, obviously Facebook, but over about a year on TikTok, I started TikTok maybe a year ago, a year and a half ago, something like that.…"

I did go Viral

Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 4w ago · 4:56

"…Once I go on my little channels and find the stuff that I like, I share it with people. That's pretty much what I use Instagram for primarily now. So I changed to how I used it in the past. And it's been fun. It's been fun. But, yeah, that's cool that you're able to get a couple of videos and a million views.…"



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