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Thought Grenades| Great Ideas Kill Creativity.

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"…We have a live one here. Great ideas. Kill creativity for the energy you put into finding a a great idea stumps you from going with any idea instead. Forget greatness focus on doing instead or through repetition comes great ideas. Fire in the hall.…"

Focus on an idea instead. #ThoughtGrenades


Demarkis Klan Destine

@OmegaStrange · 1mo ago · 2:13

"…A lot of times, we try to be creative instead of just being creative. Just write down something, put down your ideas, see how it flows, see how it sounds. But for me, when I look back on it, I was trying to be creative instead of being creative, instead of just being natural. Yeah, man. With a great post. Peace. Albra.…"

Ophelia Johnson

@LadyO · 1mo ago · 1:33

"…And then you start working on bits and pieces of it, and then you stop and you move on to that other thing that you wanted to try. Yeah, actually, I wanted to maybe I'll private DMU this question, but yeah, great one. Thank you so much. Thank you.…"

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Welcome to Swell!

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"…So I tried to have a sandbox theme and I was looking on Google Images for, like, sandboxes, and I had these ideas of putting myself in the sandbox or cosmic sandbox, and it just kind of wasn't working. But it was when I thought of thought grenade. That's where things changed. And they harkened back to a time with the other collaborator, old collaborator. I had out here, one who was responsible for the design of my logo.…"

@OmegaStrange 💣

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@FryedOreo · 1mo ago · 4:23

"…I had a friend, right, he wanted to make his own podcast in the same situation as you, but he would say things that to me with red flags in terms of creativity. He would ask questions about what type of podcast equipment should he buy? He would throw out there. He wants to collaborate with people. He wants to rent a house and have a mind meld or whatever they call that brainstorming of idea to go viral. And he would ask me questions about other aspects of podcast.…"

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Ophelia Johnson

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"…And I don't know why I just haven't continued with it, but I really should I'll DM you the rest anyway, if I but thank you so much. Thank you. Bye.…"


Dewuan .

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"…I'm even possibly thinking about rebranding my episodes to be more themed around thought grenades. I think that's my purpose in calling to podcasting is thought grenades. It's what I do best. It's what I spend the most time thinking. So it gives my post a bit more meaning for me. So anyway, I'll listen to your DM, but thanks for sharing with me and hopefully you continue to have a productive day whenever you happen to years.…"

@LadyO 🙏


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"…Or if not, it doesn't matter because I'm hill honing my skills. I'm still getting comfortable with the format, getting comfortable with speaking and what's the word? Generating or delivering these ideas or these jokes or these AHA moments or whatever the case may be, these stories, these anecdotes, these cautionary tales, whatever the case may be. But like you say, it's about the business of doing it and not trying to be perfect.…"


Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 4w ago · 4:35

"…You're going to think of all the cool concepts that everybody else has thought about and everyone's going to be, we saw this before, but it's going to be that one moment where you write something where there is this one idea I don't know, there was this one situation, I don't know. But you write it anyway, that's going to be your hit. The people hill respect you for it because it came from you.…"



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