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Thought Grenades| We’re All Closed-Minded

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"…But what happens when you don't even want to consider the idea? To consider it and instead become prejudiced? That's where it gets interesting. And we all have that one thing, right? We all have that one idea or many that we would never consider, we would never tolerate. And we will always be prejudiced against even the act of prejudice, right? Racism, bigotry. Some people will never want to consider it ever. Politics.…"

What topic will you never want to consider, and should you have to consider it? #ThoughtGrenades


Shweta Chaudhri

@Shwetachaudhri · 1mo ago · 1:00

"…It's almost like they're choosing their boyfriend or girlfriend or their parents. And I found it absurd. Like, I can't think about it. How could you choose someone above your parents? Like, those parents, they have done everything for you. Like, from the first day of your life till the day you grow up and become something. They have done every single thing. And then you go out and choose someone above them. I find it really absurd and I can't even think.…"



Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 1mo ago · 2:39

"…And maybe I would have had a more successful relationship if it was up to her to some degree. And that's kind of interesting, right, when you think about this dynamic and aspect of a person who's trying to make a family of their own. And you have the parent who's obviously the older one, the wiser one, who's been through all the hurdles that you are about to go through.…"

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Shweta Chaudhri

@Shwetachaudhri · 1mo ago · 1:33

"…Because your spouse will be a part of your parents life as well. Because in India, it's more like you come together for every big occasion or every big festival, and your parents are constantly involved in your life. So if they are not accepting of your spouse, then it will basically cause you problems in future. So it's very important to have your patients blessing in that decision.…"



Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 1mo ago · 1:08

"…And anything that could happen that could be conflicting, you all can work on together as a couple. So I'm guessing this is not something you personally have experienced yourself, but that you've seen others go through. And what fascinating morals to stand on that you will not bend for in any way, shape or form. And that's a product of your parents raising you the right way.…"


Zara Lisbon

@ZLisbon · 1mo ago · 4:34

"…I want to say and go on record, I will never go on an upside down roller coaster. I don't like it. I don't want to give it a chance. I'm closed minded about those. Fear has closed my mind about those. So I'm those are two different things. One, I'm open minded to when I'm close minded to, I love thinking about this.…"


J.L. Beasley

@Her_Sisu · 4w ago · 2:46

"…But sometimes I reflect back and I'm like I was so h*** bent on not being a baby mama that I should have just laid up with somebody and had a second baby and then my son would have a sibling, right? But I was so close to minded to the idea of having a child out of wedlock because of the ideology I was raised with. That being a bad and terrible thing. What would society think?…"


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"…Zara, thank you for taking the time not only to listen to this swell, but to also offer an audio response. And that is deliberately why I started off the swell. And at fashion, most of us tend to think think those that are judgmental are also closed minded. And I guess those words kind of have a sort of synonyms, right? But, yeah, to say you don't like something does not mean that you didn't consider it.…"


Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 4w ago · 2:15

"…That actually is what takes place within a person who has an open mind or at least is on the road to re a path of discovery of one's open mind. But yeah, it's fascinating words that we kind of form to mean things that we feel it means when it actually doesn't mean that. But anyway, thank you so much for partaking in this particular swell. Fire in the hole.…"



@Nigah-Rach-E · 4w ago · 0:39

"…But, yeah, they just let me know that you're doing a h*** of a job selling it, so, yeah, just kudos to you on that point.…"

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"…But if you ever hang around a group of people who smokes weed, they do look at you as being closed minded. Are you being too uptight with a cool post, bro? This one really got me thinking, like most of your post do. Peace out, bro.…"


Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 4w ago · 4:44

"…That's seeking an adventure, an experience. So closing yourself off of experiences does not equate to being closed minded if you respect those people who have these experiences. I realize now I could be closed minded about travel. There have been times where people have talked about travel, and I would say, well, you're still basically going to a bar, just in a different city. So what is the real travel? That was me being closed minded.…"


Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 4w ago · 1:18

"…Or did you consider it, but decided that it just wasn't for you? Here at Thaw Grenades we like to push the topic on any other posts. I probably would have just liked what you said and gone about my day, but not here. I have to press you a bit further to answer the question. What is it that you feel a bit close minded about and do you feel a need to consider a different perspective on that point of view?…"


"…I don't know where with me, I'm a fan of horror. But again, I fell into that trap where people are telling me to go see this movie. I had to go see it. Right. Even though I like the movie, I'm a fan of the movie. I had to go fit because of the height. This is where I learned from you, especially these days, I feel like if the movie is getting too much hype, it's a red flag.…"


Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 4w ago · 4:46

"…Right? Lost. I didn't watch it at all when it was popular and then when it was kind of done, and then syndication on Zip, available on streaming, that's when I had started to watch it, but it took me several times to try to get into it and I kept stopping kind of at the same time. It wasn't like it was deliberate, but it was like my mind was kind of set adrift. But eventually I watched it and I enjoyed it.…"



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