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From Silence
@FromSilence · 0:58

"Impossible" - Poetry 4/17/23

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Impossible. How did I get here? Standing in this place far beyond my hopes or where I belong it just blows my mind. Nothing I have done truly earned this spot. It's impossible. I have never known this could be a thing, at least in this shape. Yet I find myself one of only few welcomed to this spot barricade behind it's impossible. I am here because I was shown the path and was helped to grow. Not because of me

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Laura L (she/her)
@Loloflow · 0:51

I’m Possible ❤️

I feel you on every level sometimes. We're just given so much assistance from Earth angels and guides beyond. And to feel that we owe something back I think is totally natural and warranted. There's a reason why we're placed in certain positions, and perhaps it's our dharma to fulfill that. But, yeah, I feel
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