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Referrals are Golden. How Do You Build the Same Trust & Value with Cold Sales Outreach?

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"…Maybe not on a cold outreach on a website landing page. I mean, there's all the typical landing page. For example, you put a testimonial on there, you put a case study on there, but it's never going to convert with the same power. So my question is, is there some secret sauce that I'm missing above and beyond the norm that would help the sales process feel much more comfortable and trustworthy for prospective clients? So let me know what you think. Thanks.…"

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phil spade

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"…I may do a couple swells here to answer you. I just absolutely love the question and the topic here. It's really near to my heart. And about eight years ago, I spade the switch from sales into client services. And the reason I did that is one. The company I was working for ten years ago was really focused on just acquiring logos, and they really didn't care. Once they got in, they just didn't put as much time and effort as I thought they should.…"

Referrals ARE key!


phil spade

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"…And it should be the last thing it should be to kind of close the door. But it ends up happening where your referrals get absolutely hounded by salespeople, and all of a sudden they're on three to four calls per week before they call you and say that's it I can't be a referral for you anymore. So I wouldn't suggest that approach.…"

2nd degree contacts and unleashing salesfolks


Forrest Perry

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"…Hey there Phil. And I appreciate the thoughtful response. It's a new platform, and it asks for kind of a little, a bit more vulnerability out of people because you can't hide behind the keyboard, you make a statement and there's a little bit more chance. It feels like if somebody's going, God, this guy is an idiot and then telling you about it straight to your face with a voice. Thank you for giving me the confidence boost.…"

I talked for 10. Here’s the first 5. I’ll compress the next :-)


Forrest Perry

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"…I'm competing against the world of blazer wearing salesman, and I just want to do things differently. And maybe I won't become a mega global agency. But those that I work with will feel valued and appreciated. And I don't know that means more to me than anything else anyways. But gosh, I really appreciate your thoughtful insight. And yeah, look forward to chatting with you more. Thanks, Phil.…"

Let value-packed content drive sales where business owners hang out.

Forrest Perry

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"…And actually, it was that negative experience where I basically lost everything I'd worked for with my initial investment and caused big riffs in my family. And that sort of got me obsessed with marketing and said, Man, I can do this better than those clowns. And it really put a big chip on my shoulder again against the world of marketing salesman. So, yeah, I probably need to get over that. It's been about twelve years anyways, just wanted to tack that on.…"

I don’t hate salesmen by the way!


phil spade

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"…And I'm hearing from a lot of other people that are on Swell now in the Swell community who have said, hey, I had given up on a lot of social type apps and just quit on everything. But Swell is a little bit different. And I think you hit on all the reasons why. So I agree with you 100%, and I have to laugh at your family situation right now and you're not able to get a lot of peace and quiet.…"

Swell: vulnerability accountability honesty

phil spade

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"…And I want them to believe it because I think that'll be the way that they can honestly come around to sell it. Now I say this in general, on sales people, but taking a step back, I'm not sure that what you really need is salespeople. If you came up with your strategy, you could hire business development people that just get the leads for you, and then you come in and close them. I think that might be more beneficial to you.…"

Salespeople vs. Biz Dev

phil spade

@Phil · 2yr ago · 4:38

"…I just think that's a winning strategy, and that brings to mind there's a person I connected to about two years ago, and he's kind of built his own business and a lot of how he's built it has been on LinkedIn, and he actually has started telling people how to get more traction on your posts on LinkedIn and building a better name for yourself. And I think he might be somebody to look into, and I'm going to post on there.…"

Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Forrest Perry

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"…So I'm really starting to feel so I'm trying to level out that playing field capacity grows. I want the leads to grow. So just trying to find that space where I'm also content and not always stressed out about going, God, man, we need to grow. We need to grow. But yeah, please share that LinkedIn, Tom, or whatever his name was always interested in learning something new. And it's interesting.…"

phil spade

@Phil · 2yr ago · 1:32

"…Hey, Congratulations on the new client. That's exciting to hear. Slow Burn became a quick burn in just one day. Anyways, the two people that I mentioned and I'm sorry, I tried trying to link them to the direct comment, and it's just too long of a URL, so I'm going to give you the names of the people that I was referring to. The first one is John Hazen, H-A-Z-E-N. And he's the chief digital officer at Boot Barn.…"

On LinkedIn: John Hazen (CDO BootBarn) Tom Funk and Justin Welsh

Forrest Perry

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"…And then he, like, predicted in 2013 that we were going to have this collapse of sort of this great swelling of societal issues and crazy. Yeah, it's kind of come to pass. And then on top of it, he is an incredible marketer listening to his interviews and just a ton of one liners. And I'm like, Man, I did not read enough. This guy just makes me look like, Gosh, just an absolute amateur.…"

Much appreciated on the names... Here’s one from me worth mentioning.


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