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Managing B2B Relationships: Overcoming Self Preservation Mode

And I know that we're going to provide awesome value. We build partnerships that last years, and I love it. And I'm thankful every day for what we do. So this owner loves me. Meanwhile, the marketing director hates my guts. She's in total self preservation mode because this guy was referred to me. This company was referred to me, and one owner really talked me up to this other company owner

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Howie Rubin
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An effective salesperson works from the bottom up as well as the top down. In order for your product to work, you have to make sure that the people that are responsible for using your product in order to of goods and services are on your side. In your case, if this woman is in fact the person that is most responsible for using your goods and services, then you have to go back in and make her feel as if she is the most important human being in the world. Tough job
phil spade
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Getting to know Newman

Now, when I came across somebody that did have that approach, I would always find out, well, who does she report to and then try to get that person on board to come down and say, hey, we're going with this group and making her feel like it's okay. That either if it's a risk taking or just a different approach to where you're doing that?
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Peter Principle!

You know, I've just been thinking more and more about specific examples of overcoming this challenge. And I have to laugh because there's been so many times that once I've gotten to know this person, I've realized that they're in a position that's much too higher than what they're capable of. The Peter principal, where they've been elevated to a point where they just are not equipped to handle the position. I'm not saying that that's the case here