Floe Bee
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Ask me

Ask me a question, and I'll definitely answer it

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Adam Lawrence
@LawDawgLawrence · 0:15
Good evening, good afternoon and good morning. My question is what is your favorite feature of the app? Swell. Go forth. Do great things
Jonny Roobs
@jonnyroobs · 0:05
Hey, Floebee, what is your favorite jam right now?
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

Floe Bee
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My favorite jam right now. Anything. Nirvana
Floe Bee
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I have no clue. I just started using this up
Jonny Roobs
@jonnyroobs · 0:49


So, yeah, that's that's my thing right now, especially on the drives home where, you know, the day is over and you just want to just relax and go on the drive and listen to some, you know, tunes. That, to me, would be ideal. All right. Anyways, you take care of Flobby and enjoy the rest of your day. All right? Bye
Lee Lee
@ILEAc22 · 0:35
What's up? This is alias. I wanted to know what you're binge watching right now and I guess what category those shows or movies fall into. Drama. Love. Love is what I call it. Or how about if you're not really into movies, if you're into any books and what you're reading