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Episode 4: Music Comedy and a bit of Learning

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"…Hello everyone. And a very good evening. Well, it's another Friday and we your host, Shaw Ninja and Pyo Sachdeva are back with the fourth episode of Fizzy Fridays. Your weekend booster and weekend can't just wait to get started. Well, Firstly, if you want to spend a lazy, cozy weekend, you should really go and check out our previous posts with a list of bench worthy series and choose your liking from there.…"

@Rover_Phoenix and @PAYAL26 to rock your events #music #comedy #learning #running #weekend


Weekend Booster

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"…Well, this is the link for the Arovjan Show. If you guys are interested.…"

Anuv Jain Show: https://s.swell.life/SSdzc4GJr6Xdlzk

payal sachdeva

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"…I hope they don't hit anybody's nerves by saying things that somebody would relate. Tell me, how do you feel about that.…"



payal sachdeva

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"…Next you know there will be celebrity artists livestreaming on Skillbox. There will be Mika Singh, Saleem merchant Shawn Jotika Tangi and that too for a good cause to send urgent relief to frontline Corbett Warriors and help raise funds which were developed by the Umi project. 100% of the funds will be donated to NGOs and to those who suffer loss of livelihood because of Lockdown. I think that is a good cause and we should contribute to this event.…"



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"…Wow. I mean, not just a musical night, but also for a benevolent cause. I mean, wow. Really? Well, since you mentioned celebrity artists, I would like to tell you something. Well, from tomorrow that is July, everyone will be able to book a class from Unloclasses at BookMyShow. Com. How Rad is that? Well, these are some paid professional courses to not just make use of your time, but also to make sure that you learn from the best.…"


payal sachdeva

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"…Well, that sounds good, but no. If I'm gonna attend classes, that would only be on how to make classic chocolate at home. That is absolutely free, live market style chocolate making event hosted by Royal Cake. And I definitely like baking more than cooking, so I will be attending that for sure.…"



Sohini Joarder

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"…I just realized that is a lot of things to look forward to for a weekend and adding to its diversity. I would like to say that I also have one event for all the fitness freaks out there who just have forgotten how the gym looked due to work from home. So Hi guys. There is a virtual run walk slash jog cycle marathon event that is ten kilometer event on Sunday, 25 July and they are going to give a very unique medal. They're going to send it by Courier.…"


Raj Sardar

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"…Hey, I think you should try anime and as per you are telling that you like comedy. You should try comedy anime because they are insane like one. I can suggest you it's a rather old one, but as everyone says old is you should try it and its name is my dad is a member and you can find it on Google anime PE and it has both versions dubbed and dubbed. It will be on you. What you want to watch.…"


Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Sohini Joarder

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"…Okay. Sure. White Walker, I'm talking about your username, of course, because I love binging things and I love comedy. So that would be a really great say mix of both. And thank you for suggesting one. Also like not leaving with comedy and anime. You also suggested one. I will definitely make sure I get one. I get to see this this weekend. Thank you. Bye.…"



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