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Rohit S
@fitnessmantras · 2:55

What keeps me going to the gym!

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I always used to go to the gym at nighttime for many years. And then I realized I am not getting enough sleep because by the time I came home from working out, I was wide awake with all that testosterone flowing through my body. And I thought I would never be able to make it in the morning. And I would always question people who made it in the morning, how do they do it? How can they get motivated at cracker dawn?

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Ty Dobbs
@dobbsty · 0:33
Hey. Really cool how you did that intro and good to see you here. I think it's definitely worth it to wake up and work out early. Also, I know some days it's really, really difficult, but I definitely applaud you and your dedication to doing it, given your circumstance circumstances, hopefully that you can continue to build those good habits and everything else should just fall into place. I'm going to go and check out your second swell where you discuss your routine now
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Rohit S
@fitnessmantras · 0:14


Thank you for the positive feedback. I really appreciate it. Just posted my workout routine on my second call. Thanks for your support. Appreciate it
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