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Richard Roberts
@FiremanRich · 2:28

Happy Sunday All! 😷👍 08.23.2020

Swell audio date is eight point, 23.2 thousand and 20 current time is 06:30 a.m. Eastern time here in upstate New York Southern tier of upstate New York, where I live and reside. Rich Roberts at Fireman. Rich here on Swell and it's good to be here. Happy Sunday, folks. I'm out back here with Max and he's doing his doggy thing and we're out a little bit just a little bit ago. And you know what? The fog is rolled in on the cornfield here

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Unity Eagle
@UnityEagle · 0:51

Wish you a great Sunday 😘

Good morning, Fireman. Reits. Hope you have a great Sunday as well, especially here on Swell. Oh, my God. Yes, it feels so similar to Ink Aversion one. And I was searching for social audio platform like this for years after Anchor transformed into a podcast platform. And I love talking to people all over the globe and enjoying the ambient noises of their surroundings. Yes, it's good to hear all the familiar voices
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