What inspires you?

Hi. Swell. I just want to come on here today and ask what inspires you? Because I feel like there's so many inspirations that we have. It could be from a person or it could be from something that we really believe in. But what inspires you to reach your goals

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Tim Ereneta
@Tim · 2:07

3 things

They're state Champions. Really hard to do. It was not a foregone conclusion. They came together as a team underdogs and really rallied something about an underdog story that's really appealing. Secondly, my Church spent seven years working on a project they needed to tear down an old falling apart Parish house where the clergy was living. But instead of rebuilding it as a house in a parking lot, they leased the land to a non profit developer
grace pouri
@gracepouri · 0:47
Like, you need to get straight A's. You can do it. You don't have any of this going on in your life. There's just, like, little things that I grasp from different people in my life. What inspires you that kind of make it a hole. All inspiration, if that makes sense. Yeah
Shruti Singh
@Shruti_Singh · 0:40


Hey, this is Radia greetsville. And I would say I do get inspired by things around me when I go look at my surroundings, if there are numerous other things that inspires me. For example, when I look birds flying and building up this earnest. And also when I look at people struggling every day with the same pace, even that and also when I look at nature, this is the one of the most peaceful thing that inspires me