Do you like to have a busy summer or a relaxed summer?

Hello. Swell. So I just want to come on here today because I know some of you have finished up finals. We're still wrapping up with finals and finishing off with the semester and going into summer. And I am just want to ask on your opinion if you prefer busy summer or a relaxed summer summer. I know some people actually get kind of bored over the summer and they kind of prefer to be back in school. So which do you prefer?

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Kyle Crossman
@kylecrossman · 1:21
I think I always tell myself I want a busy summer because I want to, you know, in my summer, go back into school saying, like, wow, I did all that stuff. I'm so cool. I'm so good at accomplishing, like, all of of this s***. But what usually ends up happening is I have a really lazy summer just because I get into that mindset of, like, oh, I don't have to wake up super early
grace pouri
@gracepouri · 1:06
So last summer I had a very first half relaxing, and second half was busy because I got two jobs and I had a long summer, though my summer was from May until September because I was transferring schools. That was the first one was a semester system and the second was quarter. So I had like a five month summer
Cassandra Franco
@Cass_franco · 0:41
And I guess in the past years, I haven't, like, you know, been outside with friends too much, but, like, I don't mind running errands in the summer or just going for, like, random walks here and there, just enjoying the really nice weather. Like, you know, I totally get the whole, like, relax for the summer thing