What you do to take care of yourself every morning

Hello. Swell and good morning. It is 08:50 a.m. This morning in my time at least here in New York. And I just want to ask what do you do every morning to take care of yourself? To take care of your mental health and your physical well being


grace pouri
@gracepouri · 0:43
I wish I had some type of routine. Maybe wake up, make breakfast, go to class. But no, it's just like my alarm will depend on my schedule of the day. And I wish I didn't do it that way. But I do. So I definitely think I need to make some type of change sometimes. For sure
Pippa Winn
@pippathewinner · 1:39


But the next most important thing for me is that I use a natural face wash skincare regime that starts with a cleanser. Then I tone and add an essence lotion in and an eye cream and a moisturizer. At night time, I might use a mask. But to me, my confidence comes from looking people in the face and then looking at me and knowing that I've done the very best I can to feel powerful from within on that day. And that comes from selfcare