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If you watch a lot of movies and you watch a lot of movies during that time frame and you grew up during that time frame and you watched a lot of those action movies, you'll understand exactly what I'm talking about. I want to say movies. I guess I will name some movies like Agent Cody Banks and just all of those just kind of just cheesy, quirky action movies. The ones from then, they weren't necessarily great, but they're memorable. We all remember those movies

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Tim Ereneta
@Tim · 1:44

@FFO Really enjoyed this movie!

I don't know too many more people. Most of my circle are not going into the theaters. I will say this about it being set in Pakistani immigrant community in Britain. For me, I seek out movies that expand my worldview and show me stories I haven't seen before. So for me this was a perfect blend of things I want to see like action and comedy and to an immersion in a world I'm not familiar with. And I love finding the universal in the very very specific
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Franklin Finds Out
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So if you're into that, I do read a lot of horror specifically right now. That's kind of my current phase. But I do read a lot of stuff. I watch a lot of stuff as well. So if you're looking forward to that kind of thing, just be on the lookout because there is going to be more content in the pipeline. So thank you. Thank you for responding, Tim
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