fernando cabrera

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Nu metal


"…But then listening back to them, it's just like I guess when you're mad or something and then as time passes, people stray away from the new metal because it just becomes embarrassing to be like you like a new metal. Or if you mentioned new metal bands but I get out of here, you freak from metal. I think I went out to Metal Core because I'm a drummer and that's what my skills lend themselves to at the moment.…"


Ro Christensen

@r.o · 3mo ago · 1:23

"…I think that's so fun how all the errors of music bring about different lifestyles, aesthetics, ways of engaging with others. It's so fun. So fun to hear it about something that I haven't witnessed or terribly familiar with. That's awesome. Do you make music now? And what do you enjoy listening to now? Are you still in death metal? What do you enjoy? I'd love to hear. Yeah. Have a great time at Dominions Movie with your daughter.…"

Taylor J

@Taylor · 3mo ago · 2:04

"…And New Medals having quite the resurgence right now. It's pretty interesting. And speaking of Limp Biscuit, they actually just took Spirit Box on tour with them. You mentioned you're a Metal Corps guy, so I'm imagining, you know, Spirit Box, they're like the, I guess, most famous Metal Corps band on the planet right now, at least in terms of rising popularity. There are certainly more popular Metal Corps bands, but yeah. What bands are you currently jamming to?…"

Lindsey Morrison

@OwenWilsonsNoze · 3mo ago · 0:38

"…I guess I just wanted to say holy diva you went down too long in the midnight sea. Oh, it's becoming home. I enjoyed this. Well, I did not know what new metal was, but now I do and I don't know. I love dio. Throw that in and you have a fantastic day.…"

Swell Team

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fernando cabrera

@fern · 3mo ago · 1:44

"…Bands like, I just want to go see Cannibal Corpse. That was pretty fun. But, yeah, thanks for the reply. I didn't think anybody would listen to my thing, but, yeah, keep doing it. Keep rocking. Keep it. Keep it. I don't know why it's really early in the morning. Kind of sleep is still it's, but yeah. What kind of music you just do? Or what's up with you? Are you doing.…"


fernando cabrera

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"…Whenever you get put on the spot, I can't even think of things. I mean, I think Gates is always a good prefer. They are Metal core, right? They're like one of the first Metal Corps bands. I don't even know and what other bands will be listening to. D***, I hate getting put on the spot like this. I put on a spot by myself, but I make music.…"


fernando cabrera

@fern · 3mo ago · 1:33

"…Oh, man. Dio, man, the greatest. I got kicked out of it was a deal's. Last performance, rest in peace. I was I was taking a guy had to pee, and the bathroom line was like way too long. So I was just like, I'm going to go right here in the corner. Heaven and H*** was playing Black Sabbath with Theo. And I got to go pee in the corner. I started peeing the corner.…"



Lindsey Morrison

@OwenWilsonsNoze · 3mo ago · 2:11

"…And he was like, dio's guitar player. What? Who was that band that you saw? And it was like, dio's guitar player. Who was that band that you saw and you got an autograph? And it was like dio's guitar player. Oh, Vinny. I knew it. Okay. Yeah, he met Vinny. I guess he was the general anyway. But, yeah, I've always had mad respect for him because I like the operatic theatrical type stuff.…"

Nu metal

@fern · 3mo ago · 4:09


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