J Morr
@explorewithmj · 3:55

Can I Be Real?

You. So I was sitting and thinking about content that we post on social media, that I post on social media. And years ago, you had to be perfect. Perfect hair, perfect makeup, perfect background setting, and have the perfect script to go online. But what I've come to realize is that the world's not looking for perfect. They are looking for authenticity. They want you to be authentic and be real with them

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Rocío (Ro) Christensen
@rocio · 2:27
Yeah. It's honestly such a freeing thought that being authentic is the only right way to be in this world and the way to connect with other people. Because I feel like that is why people kind of do the fake thing on social media or also in real life. It's because you think that somehow it's going to make you more likable to others. But you're so right. Just being exactly who you are is the best thing you could be
Rooster Collins
@RoosterCollins · 4:46
I know you get it. I can hear it. You're just over here talking about being real. It's what people like you and me try to do, try to be real. We're in a world right now where it's hard to be real. It's hard to have a voice. And thank goodness this app came along and I could talk to people like you. I could hear that