Alan Richardson

@eviltester·4mo ago·4:07

build vs buy in software development

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"…So one of the interesting tensions that we have in software development is the difference between build versus buy. And that essentially means in software development, should we code this ourselves, or should we use use some component or application or library or whatever else that someone else has built? Regardless whether it's open source or not, there's some sort of time or cost. So we call it buy may not be the best word, but that's what we call it.…"

we are trained to build. but our job is to add value.


Sudha Varadarajan

@sudha · 4mo ago · 1:39

"…And I've seen so many people who are not software product companies choosing to build their It departments. Right. Financial services, retail, and so many firms in those sectors where they choose to build. And I look at it saying why sometimes I think we repeat the same mistakes every time we build, and you see it repeated from company to company. So it's interesting as well. And I do believe that there is a lot of waste of talent and resources in this process.…"


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