Eshan Akash
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What we can talk?

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, this is my first recording in Swell, so I'm really excited to share my point of view in Swell. And whatever I'll be speaking from today, I hope that you will definitely like it really excited. What I'll be speaking. There may be a lot of things that I'll be speaking about, like philosophy, psychology, economic, sociology, science, technology related. I think there are so many topics that we can be talking we can talk about

There are so many topics on which we can share our views. I really believe that we together can make a phenomenal impact. Thanks! #1st_recording

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First of all, Hi, brother. And please let me know, how are you? And it is so good to see people coming to this platform and sharing their thoughts and experiences, their expectations, their hobbies, their explanations and everything. And it is good. There are too many intellectuals there. And everybody is pretending that they are intellectuals. And I hope so. They're intellectual. Yes. I have just followed you