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Eric Owens

 · 3mo ago · 2:42
Best vacation you ever took and why?

"…We had a blast. It was great. We go in afterwards and have hot chocolate, that kind of thing. So anyway, I'd love to hear from you. Share with me your best vacation you ever took and why. I'd love to hear from you. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Thanks. Bye.…"

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Zara Lisbon

 · 3mo ago · 3:58

"…That's really important for a vacation is to be with someone who you can be at the same pace with. That was really great. I hope I can take a vacation soon, meaning go somewhere. I have two dogs, so that makes it a little hard. But my mom does have a vacation house in the desert. Sometimes the desert doesn't feel like a real vacation, but it's a beautiful house in a beautiful setting where you don't have to work. So it is vacation.…"


Eric Owens

 · 3mo ago · 0:50

"…I've gone to the ocean. I've gone to Willamette Valley National Forest Area in Oregon. I've gone to all kinds of places just to get away for the weekend. Those are always a lot of fun. They're kind of short best vacation. So if you already get a chance to do that, maybe that will kind of help a little bit. Thanks again for sharing. Have a great weekend.…"


Avi Chand

 · 3mo ago · 3:31

"…And the food and cuisine in South India is completely different from North India. It's an explosion of taste and spices. It's just fascinating. And I'm a huge, huge foodie. So all four of us, my parents, Chand, me and my brother first, we took a train ride. And it was a two day train ride, and it was very fascinating to be on the train and travel from north to South India.…"

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Greg Hislop

 · 3mo ago · 0:49

"…So I've got to create an entertaining blog to kind of show my travel in Paris. So, yeah, that's what I'm going to do. And I'm really, really excited about it because it's way overdue for me to do that. So that's when I'm going to do travel wise myself.…"

Going to Paris