Eric Owens
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Memorial Day

Hey, it's worldcasters. Eric here. Hey, I wanted to take just a minute or two to recognize the importance of Memorial Day. I am a grandson of a World War One veteran, son of a World War II veteran, and I am a Cold War veteran. My family has been serving this country for 244 years, ever since the Revolutionary War. And I just wanted to say, you know what?

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J Wang
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Hi, Eric. Thank you for holding the space to reconnect with what Memorial Day is all about. I feel like now is just kind of like a free day where people can get off work or school and have a barbecue. But but, yeah, I really see, especially with your long family history, that it is important to recognize the sacrifice, the courage that so many people have had and made. So. Yeah. Thank you

Memorial day is a strange one eric

And when they came to my door to officially have me signed up to go start fighting in the Middle East, so this had to be 2006. My dad said, my son is not going to die for Halliborton. And he said, get the h*** off my porch. He's not signed up for no military. And I have two uncles that served. One in Vietnam, one in Desert Storm Vietnam, one he went insane because of his exposure to Ancient Orange