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Eric Owens
@EricG · 3:12

Interview Me

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But due to the volatility of the airline industry, I chose the It industry for my career. While at school, I was trained to be a pilot. I attended both ground school and had flight training. I was widowed at a young age and I raised three kids all on my own. I'm a certified scuba diver and rescue diver with both Nawi and SSI. That would be National Association of Underwater Instructors and Scuba Schools International

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Donovan Owens
@TheCommittedMan · 0:43
Eric, what a fascinating journey you've been on. And all I can tell you is that I will definitely interview you not only here on Swell, but I want to invite you on to the Committed Man podcast. So I sent you a private message with my email address. Just reply to that, and I'll send you an official invite onto the Committed Man podcast
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Eric Owens
@EricG · 2:14


Hey, Donovan, thanks so much for the invite to for you to have me as on as a guest on your podcast. I'm I'm I'm jazz, man. That's awesome. I'm honored that you would want to have me on your podcast. I have been I'm sure I've said this before I've been podcasting both audio videos since right around 2014, 2015, and I've always been the one asking the questions
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