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My Photography how I started and how I shoot.

Ask SwellNaturePhotography

"…So the quality or the outcome or the quality of the photo is going to be dependent upon the eyes of the photographer. The camera I use is a Canon EOS 35 millimeter film camera. A lot of times when I shoot landscape, especially with mountain reflected in a lake, I'll use what's called Phoenix ultra wide angle lens, I believe it's a 77 millimeter meter, I believe. And I'll use a circular polarizing filter which screws onto the lens.…"

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Eric Owens

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"…And you don't need a wide angle shot, or do you want a wide angle shot? What is it you're trying to capture? So you look for all these different elements, and you look at the scene before you set up the camera on the tripod. Because once you set up the camera on the tripod, you're real close to capturing your moment. Here's something I want to share with you. That's my philosophy. Are you listening? You're going to like this.…"

My Photography Part II

Eric Owens

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"…Hi, guys. I wanted to do a part three of my photography swell cast. So I want to talk about waterfalls. And waterfalls was always one of my favorite things to photograph. What's nice about about nature, let me first say this. The reason why I chose nature over people portraits is because people are difficult to deal with.…"

My Photography Part III Waterfalls

Eric Owens

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"…You want the album Glow in the mountain. Now, when you look at this photograph, what are your eyes drawn to? Are your eyes drawn to the trees in the lake? No, they're drawn right to the mountain. Why? Because of the album glow. It's a whole lot of fun to be in a remote location when there's nobody there. It's just you and nature.…"

My Photography Part IV Alpineglow


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