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@EnigMa23 · 0:36

The beginning

Okay, so I'm very new to this twelve as and this is my first time being on. It is just the beginning. But I would like to have know the experiences to upload. Let's talk on a topic which is fun as well as more fun. Let's begin

#beginning #begin #newbee

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Aishani Chatterjee
@Aishani · 0:41
Hey, first of all, welcome. unswell, and well, I totally get it that you're new to the platform and so you haven't really decided exactly this topic, but I'm sure you'll definitely find out that topic. You'll find out what you want to talk about. Until then, you can just explore the app up and discover the different conversations that take place around here. I'm sure you're going to enjoy it. So, yeah, welcome once again
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