I've had a problem with rejection since I was a kid and it stemmed from my father leaving and not being in our lives and it grew from there. I've had friends that died and that was a form of rejection, although it wasn't their choice. But that abandonment left me lonely and seeking companionship and a connection. So that lack of connection kind of shaped my personality


Zen Momma
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I'm grieving. And anytime you come across hard things in your life, it certainly brings any of your past pain and unhealed spaces to the surface. And so I know my wife and I are really trying to be patient with ourselves and have some kindness while we look at those areas and such. So, yeah, I just wanted to encourage you and say, like I know it's a hard journey, but it is a worthwhile effort
Dr. J
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I really appreciate your vulnerability here and sharing. I don't think many people are aware of this kind of information and where certain things and themes come from. And it's so refreshing to see that you are. And when you do see people who are pretty aware, it's usually women