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Considering the role of the United States of America in the World

And as I watched this, Jack Daniels open the series The Newsroom, which talks about the role of the media in shaping people's views. And I think that's particularly relevant now. So when he says that what made America great, what used to make America great, and the first thing that he said, he said we did what was right, we didn't beat our chest

https://youtu.be/bIpKfw17-yY Check out the opening scene from the HBO series, "The Newsroom"

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I'm going to tag all those names here so that we can invite them. And I personally feel really drawn to the idea that positive reinforcement is very important. A lot of leaders get a lot of the negative reinforcement, but it's been a very difficult time
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I thought I might also add to this how the Ukrainian medium, when you're noticing what they're putting out there, is they're really making it a point to interview to the prisoners of war and the Russian soldiers and ask them to make sure that they let everyone know at home in Russia know that they are being treated well, they are not being hurt, they're being fed, they're being taken care of medically
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And then I just heard a story about people from across the world renting out Airbnbs in Ukraine, even though they know that they're not staying there. But it's their way of supporting the people that own these Airbnbs, and they say that they're using it to help people that need a place to stay
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And yes, it does seem like that is shifting and this administration led by President Biden, whose specialty is in foreign affairs, just might be making a difference and they have a different way of moving in the world than the past administration and are working together with NATO and the allies to put an end to the insanity that's happening in the Ukraine