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Hi everyone, and welcome back to my new Alphabet song series. Today is day five and our letter is E. And I know that I say this every time, but I think that today might be my favorite picks thus far. Don't forget to reply with your songs that start with the letter E. And it's been so amazing listening to your guys'replies and finding new music and I hope you guys have found stuff that you like as well

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it's Arman
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Hello, Emily. Thanks for writing me. And I would choose Enie Mini, the song that is by Scene Kingston and Justin Bieber. Thank you
grace pouri
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Hey. So I've never heard any of those songs that you put, which is actually so interesting to me that there's just, like, so many songs out there that, like, you say, like, it's your favorite, but, like like, I've never heard of them, so I think that's really cool for me. I gotta say, some not one of my favorites. I don't have that many to start with
Lindsey Morrison
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With Pouri series, which I love. I'm I'm trying really hard to just go with the first one that pops in my head for it, because I have, like, a million of course, but I like how you can keep putting ones that yeah. I haven't heard, like, 98% of the ones that you've posted, so I appreciate that a lot. I'm going to go with one that probably everyone has heard but I think should definitely be on the list
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Isabella Croston
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Okay, for e, I'm gonna go. Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles eye to eye by young bands everybody mac Miller everybody talks the Neon Trees and Empty Room by Marjorie Fair
Tim Ereneta
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Eleanor Rigby / Everybody’s Coming to My House / Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Yeah. Given our difference in ages, it's pretty much guaranteed that your favorite songs I have never heard before and 90% of the time I've never heard or even heard of the artists that you mentioned. That being said, I love these lists and I love learning about new music and I'm looking forward to playlists that. We can tune into. So for the letter E, I'm also going to second 3rd, 4th. Eleanor Rigby. It's a classic
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