Rina Henderson
@Ele.ment20 · 0:24

Wiccan TALK

Hi. This is element. I am new to this swell and talking to people. I'm practicing wicked, and I want to know if there's any wicked and people out there that I can talk to about beginning my craft and my practice. Thank you. Bye

Wiccan Magik

Cee Starrz
@FaeryNuff8 · 1:13

Magical practices

Hi. Your swell was pretty hard to hear. Like it was very, extremely low. And I'm not sure if I heard you correctly, but you said you're practicing Wiccan talk. You would like to discuss some things that you practice. I don't consider myself a Wicker or a witch or anything like that. I consider myself a theory, but I do practice magic. I practice magic on a daily basis. I do it all day, every day, and I love talking about it
Mathyou Griffass
@Mathyou · 4:28

Intentional accident actually affects

So I'd like to hear more of the deeds on it. I'm not saying, like, prove it, prove it's. Magic. Bless you, blow. I'm not saying that at all. I just have a high tolerance, quote, unquote magic. So, yeah, that'd be awesome. A little input on something I've seen that's magical was this one time I was partying with some friends, and my boys were being crazy drunk, like, normal
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