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Swell: A New Way of Producing Interviews

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"…So one thing that just clicked on me about, SOEL here is that this could be a little bit more of a more revolutionary way to do interviews now. So so let's just say you really have trouble scheduling or squeezing in an interview for a guest. And so you pretty much have to find the time and day to make sure that everything sounds good, neat, and that's connected. And there's no disconnection.…"

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Deborah Pardes

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"…And I would love you to contribute to that roundtable because it's open now for people to contribute. So let me do two things. Two posts here. The first one is going to be under this Swell, which is connecting you to the Swell Spotlight. And then the second post I'll do will be the Round Table. So looking forward to hearing you interview people here on Swell for sure. Thanks for everything you're saying. It's really cool. It's.…"

Swell Spotlight is a great example - yes!


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 2yr ago · 0:11

"…And now here's the link to the Swell Roundtable. Specifically, look at the Podcasting Round Table because I'd love to hear your contributions to that. It would be really cool to see what you think.…"


Brandy Singleton

@brandyjoy · 2yr ago · 0:50

"…I love that idea. I have a podcast, I have several a voice to be reckoned with the next level, the world we live in. And Brandy Jay's horrified podcast and think this is freaking excellent idea. And there's always creative ways that you can find a way to upload audio and get to the hosting site or whatever. But I think that's a genius idea, actually.…"



Irenia Roussel

@IreniaPodcaster · 2yr ago · 0:08

"…That? S a really neat idea as a podcaster. I love it.…"


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