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Bromar P

 · 2yr ago · 0:52
A 2nd Shut Down Coming to the U.S?

"…Do you think that there might be a second shutdown, or do you think that we already learned from this and we know how to manage this through without having to shut down the entire country? Let me know what you think. Is it possible they'll do like a semi shutdown or they're completely shut down like they did here earlier in the spring.…"

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Taylor J

 · 2yr ago · 1:04

"…And it just seems like this whole issue has, unfortunately, become politicized to the point where every step forward we take, we end up taking two or three steps backwards. In some regards, I hope that for the sake of the financial security of everybody, that we don't have to close down. But it seems as though if lives are going to be lost and health and safety are going to be putting so frequently that we may just have to do it.…"


Robyn .

 · 2yr ago · 0:19

"…Yeah. I actually agree. We have not learned anything that's very apparent, and something's got to be done to slow and hopefully someday stop this part of this thing. And everybody's got to get get on board somehow. I'm not sure how, but Yeah.…"


Andrew Jacques

 · 2yr ago · 0:48

"…And since we have not learned anything as a country, then it's just going it to happen again. Unfortunately.…"