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Sports Becoming Virtual? Revolutionary for ESports?

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"…Some have a set plan, some don't. But I think the end of all is the only one that I know that hasn't had a set plan. So what do you think? Is there a point in the future where now sports that involve physical contact, we'll become virtual sports or I guess Esports at this point. So let me know what you think. Is it possible? And if so, what do you think could kick off the start of that.…"

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Taylor J

@Taylor · 2yr ago · 1:06

"…The NBA is restarting soon, and I believe MLB is slated to restart on Thursday of this week if I'm not mistaken. So I think that pretty much all the major leagues are making the moves to begin here in the States. Again, I know that Florida has become kind of Homebase for most of them, with a lot of the games taking place for the NBA lease at Disney World. If I'm not mistaken, we'll see what happens.…"

phil spade

@Phil · 2yr ago · 1:19

"…And I think without being able to go into the stands, I think that may help force in the direction I don't know about NBA players getting on and competing virtually instead of in person. But I do think the rise of sports bar definitely could be a kind of that momentum shift.…"

Esports on the rise!

Andrew Jacques

@swolllow · 2yr ago · 1:15

"…I think they're going to be doing a lot more pay to watch or certain aspects where you have to pay money in order to see or see at a certain angle. For sports, I could be completely wrong, but that's my kind of thoughts on it. Let me know what you think.…"


Indy Rishi Singh

@MysticScientist · 2yr ago · 0:46

"…And this has been a fun experiment. Mind Sports if you want to even look it up, it's on. We deepen. Our next one is Socialism versus Capitalism. So we'll have some cool people on board for that. Yeah, that's me. Cool.…"


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