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First Day of Mandatory Mask Mandate


"…So we just received our 1st 1st day of mandatory mask mandate. It's the very first day where it is required to wear a face mask if you are going out in public. And honestly, I'm trying to find, like, bandana or something just because I don't know, it makes me look more like an outlaw or a badass, which doesn't sound like a good idea. But I don't know.…"

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phil spade

@Phil · 2yr ago · 1:35

"…But you see videos of people just getting absolutely irate on one way or the other, either for having to wear a mask or for others not wearing a mask. So I think with cases rising, I think tempers are going to rise as well. And I think this situation, especially when you make anything mandatory for Americans, it just goes against what they believe. And I understand that completely. But sometimes you just have to think of the greater good.…"


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Shammi Mohamed

@shammi · 2yr ago · 4:28

"…I think the political divide is a function of the political climate right now, and more importantly, our leadership, especially right down at the where the President is purposefully politicizing this issue and refusing to wear a mask. And he does that with the clear advice and knowledge of how a mask can help. I also wanted to set the records straight about wearing masks.…"


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