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Dating Tips from You All for Others to Hear


"…This is probably coming from a guy's stand point of view because I'm a guy, but I want to hear some of your dating tips when it comes to dating and I mean it could be back in the past or it could be currently right now in this pandemic. I just want to hear it because honestly, this is some funny stuff just hearing what other people have to say because some of it for some reason works some of it it doesn't. So I just want to hear from you.…"

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Diemetry Animalitus

@Busta · 2yr ago · 1:02

"…Introduce yourself. Find out if she is cooperative or competitive combative it's a numbers game. Keep trying with a good attitude. Go with the flow. Don't plan anything but know what your intentions are. Feel it out if it's good, stay the vibe is bad. Move on. It's a numbers game.…"


Georgie Dee

@GeorgieDee · 2yr ago · 1:44

"…Hello. Alright. I know you said you wanted advice from guys, but I thought I'd just chip in any guys. I know it seems really obvious, but the three rules like one, two, three. But relating to women, it's easy. It's the golden rule. You never call a woman fat, old or ugly.…"

3 Golden Rulez. Simplez


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