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Privacy OS

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So if Apple could apply proper marketing strategies, definitely, it would be able to get more consumers, which would put an impact on the Google in these kind of scenarios. What if Google had a OS, which is primarily focusing on Privacy of end user basically supports the end user to choose whether to share the information or not. It's separate OS other than Android, which primarily focuses on Privacy

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Arish Ali
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But it had to be done because you did not want to lose that ecosystem, the network effect that comes from the whole ecosystem of apps that are built on your platform. So starting from scratch and trying to build a whole ecosystem, I think that would be a much bigger challenge for any kind of new OS. A lot of new OS have tried to come into the market and say, like Palm OS, for example, IBM had tried in the early days to compete with Windows Microsoft doors
Internet Einstein
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Hi Arash, thank you so much for explaining how the data is being collected, the API and browser levels. It completely makes sense how tough it is to build is from the scratch. So probably Google might not venture into something like this, considering the facts that you have shared. So whenever there's a big change that's that happened in the market, usually the trend of one following the other happens. So let's see what Google does next. Thank you
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