What is the longest commute you have had?

Although the Panama significantly affected travel and public transportation. So I don't know how much you have done this past year, but driving is still a big part of our lives. So what is the longest commute you have had and has this made you love or or hate driving

Has this made you love or hate driving? #driving #commute #travel

Taranjit Athwal
@Taranjit · 0:41

3 hour round trip commute to work daily!

But there are days that I feel like I don't enjoy driving, but I feel like those are the days when I'm driving to work. Other days I feel like I'm perfectly fine, and I love driving. I'm curious to know what your thoughts are
phil spade
@Phil · 1:29


I can remember punching the roof on my car a few times. Just an absolute frustration. You just never got above 20 miles an hour. And if you got above 20 miles an hour for more than two minutes, then you'd come to a screeching halt for another 30 minutes. It was just non stop stop and go bumper to bumper traffic, and it usually took about an hour and a half each way and just was not fun at all. Didn't like it
Taranjit Athwal
@Taranjit · 0:27


Oh, my gosh. I'm so glad I don't have a commute like that. My commute actually keeps moving, so that's a good thing. I know it's long, but at least I get to keep going at faster speeds because the road just goes straight. But we do live in Maryland, so we're close enough to DC. So when I do get closer to work, I do hit that DC traffic, but it doesn't sound nearly as terrible as your commute was
Taylor J
@Taylor · 1:08

3hrs round trip for high school...which was only about 10miles away from me

This is a great question. I had a three hour commute round trip when I was in high school. I lived in a major Metropolitan city, so my high school was actually only about 10 miles away, I would say. But the amount of traffic that I was in while I was on the bus was just tremendous. So I'd say that when I was driving myself, it probably took closer to two and a half hours, 2 hours, 15 minutes round trip
Bhavneet Athwal
@Bhavneet · 0:53

I'm starting to be grateful for my 1.5 hour commute 😂

Oh my gosh Taylor, 3 hours just to get to school and back. That's crazy. I cannot even imagine having to do that. I thought having to walk to school and other taking like 25 minutes was bad, but wow. I also used to think that our commute my turn sheets in line one and a half hours to and from work was bad
Not So Bon Voyage
@NotSoBonVoyage · 0:38

Thankfully no commute

It was only about half an hour each way, and thankfully against the flow of traffic. So I never had to get peak hour rush hour or anything like that. But I definitely if I have had the option, choose a job where I didn't have to commute very far. But if I'm going to commute, luckily, we've got a lot of good podcasts these days