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Jason Contento
@drivej · 1:20
Buna zuia! Piacere di conoscerti!


Jason Contento
@drivej · 3:29
Noise violations

Why do anything if we can’t do everything? #theburbs #nj

Jason Contento
@drivej · 0:32
Teen activity in 2022

The kids are shaking the dust off the musical instruments we have around. I know I’m cyber-spying but I just wanted to share.

Jason Contento
@drivej · 4:51
Fires and floods

Are we fighting with the right tools?

Jason Contento
@drivej · 1:59
2min of central park, NYC


Jason Contento
@drivej · 3:01
Khurram made a human!
Jason Contento
@drivej · 2:07
Can anyone recognize these bird calls?

It sounds like this is only one or two birds but the number of call patterns seems enormous. #birdwatcher #nature

Jason Contento
@drivej · 4:17
Pavilion project complete!

The bespoke handmade pavilion project comes to a close after 3/4 weeks of grind. #woodworking #diy #homeimprovement

Jason Contento
@drivej · 1:08
Early morning peaceful carpentry.

I’m building a pavilion in my back yard. I’ll be using mostly hand tools today to enjoy the calm.

Jason Contento
@drivej · 2:06
Jason Contento
@drivej · 1:13
How did you get into motorcycling?

Was there a specific moment when you got hooked into motorcycling?