Shanell Sanders
@dreSSd · 4:34

Why hire a fashion stylist?

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And that's what we do as stylist. We get to know you and the garments and the outfit and the looks that we choose, especially if you're a good stylist, is going to accentuate that. It's going to make you feel beautiful, look beautiful. You're going to exude that confidence that you want to exude my clients to be tugging and pulling and not comfortable in what I've chosen for them

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Chelsea Hanawalt
@allowthesun · 1:13
And then when I have friends kind of help me pick out stuff, and I'm like, oh, I would have never tried that. But now that I'm putting this on, I'm like, oh, I like it. I look good in this. So I think it seems like that there is a good balance of, like, okay, finding stuff that the person likes and, of course, can be comfortable in, but also, like, having that outside eye is so important
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