Roop Rab Da Tu Jag Vich Aa Gaya@Maa❤️

This song is dedicated to my mother. Ruparabadato jagaya tina loka witch dhuma Tina the Haane

Here guruji word denotes to my mother, she's the first teacher of my life,here I'm trying to express my feelings towards my mother ❤️

shilpee bhalla
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Hello, Adi. Khrupsur
Dr Aditya Adi
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Thank you so so much. I know
Mandeep Singh
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Beautiful adaptive boys and Joe Marquelli dedicated care that's beautiful because yeah mothers are everything like without them we are nothing and because jobique it's so much less they are just god has created our parents, our mothers so yeah beautiful just no words
Dr Aditya Adi
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Yeah, thank you, actually, so much. But
Mandeep Singh
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Dr Aditya Adi
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So so nice. So nice. What? Deep feelings? The fanboy. Thank you so much. Kihameda. Thank you so much. Thank you. Japan m it is not
Mandeep Singh
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Thank you very much, sir. Thank you very much, sir
Dr Aditya Adi
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Thank you
Kritika Saraf
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Really nice song. And I think personal mothers are one of the best gift which we get by the God