Dr.James Epstein
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Mom’s earn their Life Coach Certification while working and staying at home .

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Five, gives you the freedom to be your own boss, the freedom to be your own boss. Six, and so much more that can happen when you become your own boss that you will learn in this class. Seven, you'll have an international accredited certification. You interact with other professionals, you grow your own professional contact emails, you join professional coaching groups, and more. Think about how your coaching business can make such a positive change in someone's life
Deborah Pardes
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Life coaches telling Their stories

I just think because this format is so perfect for people to tell their stories, it would be great for us to hear and also great for you because it's like how you give people this information and how they actually go out and change other lives by changing their own life. I think it's wonderful. So looking forward to hearing from other voices. And thanks so much for for spreading the news here
Marley Musarra
@MarleyMusarra · 2:35
Like, you can just have an overall leadership training and you can be a great coach. So, yes, I am curious for thoughts. Obviously, one benefit people tend to mention is more money, you're more qualified, you have more authority or legitimacy, however you want to put that. Those are kind of the common ones I hear about. But I have definitely been in a debate myself of do I want to eventually take the steps to go a little further and get an actual certification?
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