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April Johnson
@dopechurchygirl · 4:57

The Road to Self Discovery

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I am deeply into being in tune with myself, in tune with my spirituality, in tune with my sensuality, in tune with everything that has to do with me. That doesn't sound selfish. It sounds self full. It means that I am discovering who I am on a daily basis, on a moment to moment basis, because it's always a learning venture

#selflove #selfesteem #whoami #Whatdoiwant

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Chelsea Hanawalt
@allowthesun · 0:53
Hi. Welcome to swell. I really resonated with a lot that you shared on here and specifically about our journey of self discovery and that we're multidimensional and that it's a lifelong journey that we're always evolving. And the emphasis of, like, going within is so important. And that's been a big part of my spirituality as well, is really being able to take time for myself and nurture that so that I can give and be there for my community and my family members
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