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Dominique Davis
@Dominique · 2:15

Celebrities Are Being Honest. Too Honest.

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It's not that we needed to know this information about their family. This is just something that they could have kept private and nobody would have attacked them for it. The other situation that happened this week was that Matt Damon, in an interview with The Sunday Times, admitted that he only recently stopped saying the efsler after his daughter educated him on how dangerous that word is for gay men #mattdamon #ashtonkucher #milakunis

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Taylor J
@Taylor · 1:30

Strange times...

Matt Damon, what a weird comment to make as well. Sort of throwing himself under the bus because, like you, I sort of had that same reaction of so he's just been using the F word when he's out in public or talking with his friends, like, he just uses it regularly. And it took this long for him to realize that that's a bad thing to do. It almost sounded
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Melissa Mccarter
@lissahoop · 3:03
And if this is something that is not common knowledge about how you're supposed to basically bathe your children in terms of what's healthy, then I think this is a good discussion about the fact that Americans are too obsessed with cleanliness in a way that actually can be unhealthy, so certainly unhealthy in terms of drying out your skin, at least on a basic level. So I don't have any problem with them talking about this or the TMI. The Matt Damon thing
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