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Plant Medicine Discussion 🌱

Hello my swelly and friends wanted to chime in today and open up this forum to have a discussion on plant medicine. I encourage anyone to chime in. I'm curious what your personal take on it is. Okay understandably plant medicine does not only mean the psychoactive or psychedelic
Taylor J
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You mentioned that there are a lot of other plant medicines out there, many of which I'm not familiar with, but I will speak about those that I am familiar with in the sense that I've done a lot of reading and research and I have friends that have in college studied biochemistry and have ended up writing papers about psychedelics at length. So that's kind of where I know my stuff
Bo Freeman
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Hello there, Ty. I'm responding to your post since you are so kind as to reply to mine on anxiety relief strategies. So I think this topic is humongous this. It is very diverse and complicated and I applaud you for putting it out there. First and foremost, I'm a firm believer of plants having medicinal purposes. Essential oils for example, is a huge platform that's come out in recent the last decade or so exploding into the marketplace
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I also like Taylor's approach with his response when saying the scientific approach towards some of these higher grade psychedelic plant medicines and how they have been proven through clinical studies with scientific evidence to provide tremendous benefit to people. I think that is so unique and very valuable stands to make in this discussion here alone. Already we are seeing the marriage of two very different discussion points under one roof and that is harmoniously beautiful because we're able to talk and express and share from that space
Bo Freeman
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And that's where I think the whole research study and the whole peer reviewed compilations and a group or something would come in handy for that. That's at least my base on that. I am all for plant based medicines, plant based, every thing, to be honest with you. With that, I'll say peace and beach. Let's continue the conversation
Taylor J
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But I do think that when they do become available, which they will, because there are plenty of people fighting for legislation, they should be distributed in a way that is equitable. Let's leave it at that before I complicate things too much. Anyway, thank you for your thoughts and love to see where this conversation continues to go

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Hey Ty, thank you for bringing up this topic of plant medicine and botanical medicine. It's something that I'm super passionate about myself and one of the very specific reasons why I chose to go to Naturopathic Medical School. And on that note, before I say anything further, I just want to note that what I say here is based on my own personal experience as a medical student
Soft Life
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It didn't cause hallucinations, but it kind of rewired my brain to really calm down. And ever since then, I haven't had migraines. Tobacco has been a great big part of our family. We do tobacco tinctures, poultices. It's, you know, people should not be afraid of it comes from nature. It's beautiful. No matter what it may be, just use it responsibly
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Now, on the other hand, had I went to the doctor, I would just got a pill. So another pill that I probably likely take any time I'd have some sort of flare ups. And so I do believe that there's a lot of value in plant based medicine, and I'm researching and learning more every day